Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday 18th March 2016....Accuweather is not accuRATE!!!!!!

I checked the forecast last night and it called for sunny spells with light showers in the I decided today would be the day to go into the city.....
I drove to the town of Manly where for 15 dollars return I boarded this ferry
This was a nostalgic trip for me because it was nearly 5 months ago that I sailed these same waters on the Noordam and my first sight of Australia!!!
Of course these two iconic buildings are the center piece of the Harbor!!!

I walked to the Opera house but really the close up photos are not as good as the ones I had already taken and it was strange there were no information signs telling you about the building and you were not allowed to go inside.
I took myself off on a walking tour and here are some of the sights...

 This is the Parliament Building!!

 and the beautiful Cathedral!!

My plan was to return to the harbor and walk across the bridge but it started to rain first lightly then that down pouring get really wet stuff!!!
I did walk back to the wharf but realized that I would get drenched if I attempted to cross this bridge now
As I was already in  the ferry terminal and the weather looked settled in I took the ferry back to Manly and the car and came home.
On my travels in both this area and in Melbourne there is great debate over which is the "best" city and seeing what I have of Sydney and admittedly I spent more time in Melbourne but my vote goes to Melbourne, no contest!!
Of course I walked in the door to the condo and the sun came out......for about 20 minutes and then back to rain.
I went and swam my laps in the rain and had my time in the hot tub...and then again a repeat of the evenings.
Maybe I need to check the weather on a different web site!!!!
Talking about weather Paula and Jerry sent me this photo taken last weekend in San Miguel
This is really quite amazing!!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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