Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday 25th March 2016...a hike of contrast!!

First of all Happy Birthday to my one and only lovely neice Sam.....have a great day and tell your husband and Father to be extra nice to you today!!!

Well it happened again the computer did an automatic download over night and now I cannot access my Goggle account and have no idea how I managed to find this sight or if it will is quite frustrating and it seems I will need a techie to help me resolve the issue unless I have really smart readers and I know I do!!!
this is the sign that comes up when i open my computer

I do not think I can even download today's photos!!!  Maybe I can!!

Anyway here is the text...

Well the sun was not out this morning but it is a good hiking day..I did some route planning for tomorrow and then set out for the start of my long hike here.

This hike can only be described as one of many contrasts as you will see I went through thick rain forest and then on cliff edge walks...on nice even tracks to steep descent down stairs....high flowing waterfalls to tiny trickles...the path all to myself and then surrounded by others......lots of rain drops and then the occasional sun burst...all in all one of the nicest hikes I have done for a while so why don't you join me it is only about 14km ups and downs you can handle it...come on!!!

the first waterfall and very slippery steps.....the views of the majestic forests and mountains were spectacular..

the path along the cliff face

and then the decision to take the hard path

many falls gentle and refreshing 

The one above was a whispery mist!!

and then the quiet of the track
 Followed by this guy..these are the birds that i have heard often in my days down under they make the most screeching loud sound possible!!!

the reward is Wentworth falls in all it's glory and a great lunch stop!!!

and up the steps again

 You know how I feel about arrows!!!
Finally a waterfall..

well done that was not so bad??

I was home by 3 pm and relaxed with tea and read and then it was time to take Coconut out on his last waterfall hike...I have enjoyed his company he is so full of energy and runs ahead of me then stops comes back looks at me and away he goes again....

I made a nice simple dinner and then going to watch a movie.

I leave here in the morning to head back to Sydney for my last night but tomorrow about 90 minutes drive away on a detour are some spectacular caves, according to my research so I will visit them before heading into the city it is an extra 3 hours driving but I am told well worth the time and effort.
Today here is Good Friday so I want to wish you all a wonderful happy and safe holiday weekend.

FOOTNOTE..I messed around with settings and stuff and think I solved the computer issue!!!
Yashi Kochi!

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