Sunday, March 06, 2016

Sunday 6th March 2016....a beautiful send off!!!

I came as a guest but feel I am leaving as a friend is how I felt about Mimi and how kind she has been to me......and before I got on the road this morning she asked me if I wanted to go to her special beach and of course I did.
She drove maybe 20 minutes on the highway and then this lovely rain forest trail
For a few minutes then we parked and hiked maybe less than ten minutes to this picture perfect post card scene!!!!

It was so peaceful to see the lovely cloud formations, the surfers, smell the trees behind us and of course watch the dolphins at play!!!

We just sat for about 30 minutes and just talked mainly about lucky we were.....a great way to start the morning.
Came home and packed up said my goodbyes and on the road before noon on my way to here
It was an easy drive on a main highway and I went down to the beach first for a look around!!

Does that dog look bored or what???
I found the lovely home where I am staying the night and my hostess Marion....the home is lovely and on a man made lake I have the whole of the front of the house to myself and a separate entrance, bedroom, bathroom and huge lounge, very cool!!!

The back yard is pretty nice!!!

Would like to be on that court right now...
Got settled in and had a cuppa on the back deck and then went to the store came home... and did I not mention the bathroom???
You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know where I spent at least 30 is I think the most luxurious bath tub I have ever had the privilege to be.....6 jets and my surfing injuries neck and sore shoulder enjoyed the blasts....

Warning not for  the weak hearted!!!!
As we say in Canada not a bad life eh???
Yashi Kochi!!!


Unknown said...

G'day mate, Jason here your Harvey Norman buddy, hope you're enjoying your travels, it was a great opportunity to meet you and help you when I could. From that brief moment, you're a good friend, already missing you and I hardly know you lol. Love reading all your travels.


Indigo Blue said...

Love Mimi's beach! You're seeing such great sights; maybe you can talk my hubby into taking a road trip with me! :)

mexicokid said...

Thanks Jason you were so kind to help me with this computer and good to meet you and yes Indigo this is just wonderful and i am hoping tomorrow waterfalls I will talk to hubby when i see him later this month take care best wishes

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