Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sunday 27th March 2016....well the time has come

for me to say good bye to wonderful Australia and it's friendly and kind residents.....seems a long time since I was touching down in Melbourne in early January......I have had a fantastic time met lovely people everywhere and some sights never to be forgotten.

I had a great sleep was nicely surprised to be offered scrambled eggs for breakfast..the four of us sat around and chatted and then I went and did some final last minute shopping mainly to get food to take on the planes no expensive dull airplane food for this kid!!!
Indigo, Kimball and Gus then invited me to have Easter Sunday lunch with them which I gladly accepted and it was wonderful .....
Here is a plug for Indigo..she is a wonderful talented lady and if you are ever in Sydney she will be happy to be the tour guide for you for the day or what ever she is qualified and certified....also she is a Spanish Translator and is Accredited to NAATI......Advanced Spanish to English and her web site is as follows..

After lunch got cleaned up got the suitcase packed I am allowed 30kg on these two flights and 7kg for carry on so that is generous.

I said my fond farewells to the family and returned Silver Streak to the rental company she has been a good servant and I am thankful in all the hundreds of miles both in New Zealand and here I have had trouble free motoring.

My first flight to Singapore leaves at 7pm and arrives at 20 minutes past if I have the time change right they are 3 hours behind so the flight total time is just about 8 hours.

I have a two hour wait in Singapore and change flights and my flight for J'burb is 10 hours and I arrive at 7am on Monday morning..

I have an apartment booked in J'burg for three nights and I have contacted my hostess and she seems really great and told me to come straight to the flat it will be ready for me....I think I get a train from the airport and then a taxi so hopefully should be there by 10am Monday morning....I think I have internet in the apartment.

So a new adventure is about to begin I do realize that in South Africa I have to be vigilant about my surroundings and I also have to take my malaria medication right away.....

Will post a blog when I can..thanks for taking this incredible journey with me..what a ride!!!

Finally I want to wish you all a wonderful Happy, Safe and healthy Easter holidays!!

Yashi Kochi!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

If you return via Sinapore I would suggest about three day stopover. We loved it. We were on our way to Bali. That was nearly 18 years ago, wow time flies. Looking forward to the next leg of the journey.

mexicokid said...

will have to be next time thanks and now I hope you enjoy the SA wishes les

Saturday 19th May 2018...Day 44!!!!

My first night at home was a good one and the sunshine is continuing to follow me with breakfast outside in the lovely secluded back garden....