Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday 15th March 2016...Just me and sunshine for 9 days!!!!

Jess prepared a lovely breakfast this morning and also gifted me with a brand new South Africa travel book which will be so useful...had a wonderful but short stay thank you!!
I was on the road by 8.15 am and it was raining hard

About 40 minutes later I was entering the outskirts of the city!!
You can see I am a little north of the city!!
I arrived at the apartment complex where I had a house and cat sitting arrangement and I met Geoff the owner and my new buddy for the next 8 days, Sunshine!!!
Geoff and I went over the instructions he had for me and the main thing is to take care of Sunshine and his medicine and then Geoff left on his trip!!!
The condo is on the first floor and very luxurious...

Unfortunately the view from the balcony is a bit clouded over...
There is an extensive library
What we Limeys call a snooker table
and of course this
I went a few km and bought some groceries and then came home and sat outside on the balcony and read it was beginning to clear a little
Then I got my hiking shoes on and went for a walk..I have had a slight niggling pain in my neck, no comments Croft or you know you will get banned!!! and I thought it was from the world class surfing I had done last week but now I am thinking it may have been from all the hiking and my back pack so whilst I am here I am still going to walk and hike but I will not take my back pack and see how I feel!!!
I nice track right by the condo

I then came back and walked in the opposite direction and what did I find not 200 yards from the condo????

I went in the club house and spoke to one of the committee members and she invited me to come to the club they have a social mixer on Thursday afternoon...I will get that game in soon I hope if the rain holds off!!
Came back and swam some laps and then into the large whirlpool and enjoyed the soak.
Gave Sunshine his supper and then used one of these for the first time in many months
Had a lovely steak dinner, relaxed in the tub and now watching some TV.....life is pretty good!!!
Yashi Kochi!!

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