Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday 14th March 2016...last road day for a couple of weeks!!!

I was on the road this morning by 9 am and I had about 250 km drive but I had planned a route that took me through some of the smaller towns and not using the major roads...It was warm and sunny and with food, drink and music I was all set.

This was the first place I stopped
The track up to the lighthouse was interesting I have no idea what kind of bush this is....
Another spectacular beach view!!!
You can see why there was a need for a lighthouse here!!!

Anybody want to challenge me to a game on this court??
A couple of days ago I wrote about the shortest ferry ride I have ever taken well today this was even shorter...maybe 30 seconds!!!!

The next place I stopped were these massive sand dunes!!!

and I really like this road!!
About 5pm I pulled in to the driveway of the home I was staying in for is a fabulous home on three gorgeous acres and my hostess Jess a young vibrant  lovely  lady...
 Check out the large back yard from the bedroom..
 Had fun playing with these boys!!!
These beautiful birds were flying all over so wonderful to see in motion.....

Now you know what happens when you see this photo??

Jess's husband was away on a trip and she cooked me a lovely dinner and we chatted and such a small world when Jess told me she was of Zimbabwe heritage and then I told her I would be in her country at the end of this month!!!!!
So tomorrow I finish my last leg of the journey towards Sydney and I meet the owner of the apartment where I am staying for 10 days and taking care of the place and his stay tuned!!!
Yashi Kochi!!

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