Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday 16th March 2016....morning then a different afternoon!!!

It rained hard most of the night and the morning was just pouring..
So it was a good job there was a live soccer game from Spain on TV
Sunshine and I are getting along great we have the same tastes...he likes soccer too!!!
I took my time over breakfast and then spent time doing some bookings and making sure that everything is in place for my trip to South Africa...
I fly out of Sydney on 27th March but in a later post I will give you the details of what is going to happen once I arrive.
Geoff had told me that around 1 pm today the maid comes to clean and he also told me what to it was no surprise when at 1 pm the bell rings and I open the door to Annie, an Asian lady, she said hello and came in and I kept the door open as another young lady came in, then another, then another and then another...yes five of them and off they went like whirling dervishes and 35 minutes later they was too funny but now everything is great and this works out perfectly because they come the same time next Wednesday and that is the same afternoon Geoff comes home so all will be spotless for him!!
So by now the rain had stopped and the sun had come out and i needed to get out so off i went on an 8 km walk along the sea wall.....
The owners of these boats
use them to get out to their real boats!!
I enjoyed the walk and when I came home went down to the pool and did laps and relaxed and finished my book
before having 15 minutes in here...
Just a quiet night with some TV.....

My friends Paula and Jerry are in San Miguel for a few days with friends and they went into the local market to look at shoes at one of the stalls that is own by a lady called Andrea....I know her because she was one of my students two years ago and such a great lady and it was special for me to receive this photo this morning...
Andrea on the right, then Paula and then her friends.....good memories thanks!!!
Yashi Kochi!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

We have been back from San Miguel for two weeks plus a day. We miss it so much it hurts. We did have a bit of a hard time with the elevation though, often feeling a bit winded. It is great to see photos of Paula and Jerry. Take care Les, we certainly are enjoying your travels.
Wishing for improved weather here, it really sucks.

mexicokid said...

That town just grows on you and wont let go.....P & J are lovely friends and glad you are home also live in a beautiful part of the world....I am sure you have booked your place in SMA for next winter ..take care les

Saturday 19th May 2018...Day 44!!!!

My first night at home was a good one and the sunshine is continuing to follow me with breakfast outside in the lovely secluded back garden....