Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday 26th March 2016.....what is going on enough already!!!!!!!!!!

This was the scene from the balcony when I woke up this morning!!!
Where are the boat masts and the mountains??
It never stopped raining all day so my big hike was cancelled fortunately I am in a lovely place where I can relax read, swim, amuse myself and do a lot more planning which is what I did.
I also watched live the Australian Formula one race and a first for me never watched one was quite interesting and I can see with all the technicians why it is a rich man's sport.
There was a horrific crash and the driver was so lucky to be able to get out of what was left of his car and walk away apparently uninjured.
I did my laps in the rain it doesn't matter really...and then the hot tub.....
Leftovers for dinner which was just as tasty as yesterday and tonight there is a show on TV with David or Richard, cannot remember which,Attenborough about South Africa so I shall enjoy that.
Hope it does not rain tomorrow or  I shall be forming webbed feet!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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