Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday 31st March 2016..another new Country!!

Avi was at my door to say farewell this morning
The last taxi I took the other day I arranged with the driver, Tombo, to come and pick me up at 7am this morning and take me to the airport.  I could have done the reverse journey from when I came in but at this time in the morning trying to find a taxi and then a short walk to the train station and changing trains just did not appeal and for another 12 dollars I could get a taxi door to terminal.
Of course having just met Tombo there was always a chance that he would not show for any number of reasons so I was a bit smart and had a Plan B..
I got all packed up and went out to the front gate at 6.50am and who was out there but Tombo with a huge smile on his face.
With the traffic it took over 45 minutes to get to the airport but in that time I learned a lot about my driver and his family and he was proud to show me photos of his kids on his phone....he also told me there was a garbage strike on right now which is one of the reasons there is garbage everywhere.  He also told me about his job... he pays 2000 Rand a week to the owner of the car and he has it  all the time and he gets to keep his fares he is liable for gas but not for repairs...he is a really nice man and it was great to get a ride like this.
Check in was very easy and the weight of the case and carry on was not an luck with extra leg room and window seats finally came to an end  and I was in the middle row for the 90 minute flight.
It was an easy trip and soon we landed
and I was in Zambia......
It pays to do research because on this short trip I want to go into Zimbabwe for a day so instead of buying the Zambian visa for 50 US dollars I have no idea why they are using US dollars when they have their own currency, so because I would be leaving the country for the day and coming back instead of paying another 50 dollars you can purchase what they call a double entry visa for 80 dollars and that is what I did.
I am staying at a B & B booked with airbnb and the owner told me he would have someone at the airport to meet me and he was correct...
Carol and her big smile were waiting for me....she had a private car and driver and it was about 10 minutes to the B & B
My room is basic but clean has a fridge and a kettle and they had fruit and juice waiting for me..everyone was very friendly..

The common areas where they serve breakfast

and then the
I got unpacked and settled in and then walked about 5 minutes into the small town centre
A local market

and finally outside the ATM
So my first thoughts about this town is take away all the local people bring in Mexicans and you have a typical Mexican many similarities.....everyone seems very friendly some of the younger men are a bit pushy and want to shake your hand then sell you something......
Came back and had a nice swim and then relaxed this evening ....I did buy a few staples for making lunches and some fruit and yogurt and then when I was back in the room Carol knocked on my door with a plate of bananas 2 apples and yogurt a gift from the management.
I do not want to spoil my surprise for tomorrow but just let me say when you see what I am going to do you will all say I am nuts and Linda and Heather will say a bit more than that..stay tuned!!
Yashi Kochi!!

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