Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday 17th March 2016...Top the morning to ya!!!!!!!

Happy Paddy's day!!!!!!

This morning was a nice long breakfast followed by two hours on the computer making reservations and bookings and making sure that everything was in order for my South Africa trip and over the weekend I will post my itinerary....
Then I got busy in the kitchen and made a nice stir fry with chicken for tonight and then at 1pm I left the condo and walked 200 yards to here

I was invited to join a men's group for three hours of tennis and it was so enjoyable...I had not held a racket for over two months and I was a little worried about this little ache in my neck/shoulder but happy to report that I played three hard sets and it was a high standard and I held my own and have no after effects and feel quite good.
It made me realize a couple of things one just how much I love to play tennis and secondly how blessed I am to be able to get on the courts and move and play and most importantly to enjoy the time!!!

I came home and did a repeat of yesterday afternoon, my book by the pool, laps in the pool and then into the hot tub!!!
Dinner is already made and so I can now relax and watch some TV.
Do you think Sunshine is enjoying my stay with him???

Do not forget to drink something green today!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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