Monday, March 07, 2016

Monday 7th March 2016...a short road trip!!!!

I was happily awoken by a shrill noise from this guy outside my bedroom window!!!
Forgot to mention last night that this wonderful home and stay for me also includes a cooked breakfast and as I was having a lovely meal I told Marion about the bird and she brought me a book and this is what I saw and heard!!
This was the view from the back deck!!!

I was on the road heading for Coffs harbor
This time I took the back roads always more interesting
In the small town of Maclean all the hydro poles had a different Tartan!!
 This was the shortest ferry ride I have ever taken maybe 45 seconds!!!
First I was in sugar cane county
and then
I found my little studio and it is lovely Rose and David stocked the fridge and even offered to do a load of laundry for me which I gladly accepted and  I hung the clothes out for the sun to dry in like 20 minutes!!!
The apartment has everything I need and I am here for three nights..

 Even comes with a buddy, Pluto!!!
After I got settled in I drove about 5 minutes to this wonderful beach
Had a nice long walk

The water here was about 4 feet deep and so warm i was in for over 20 minutes...enjoyed my time did some grocery shopping on the way home and then after dinner and a shower and the blog going to watch TV...A big hike planned for tomorrow stay tuned!!!
Yashi Kochi!!!

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