Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wednesday 4th May 2011…little road trip!!

Went to my 9.30am Doctor’s appointment this morning but someone forgot to tell the Doctor.  I had a small card with the time and date of the appointment but I guess the receptionist forgot to enter it in the computer and of course the appointments were all filled so that was a wasted journey and I re-scheduled for two weeks down the road.

I took Ramona on a road trip then to port Alberni

Map picture

to see my great friends Barb and Paco ……. Paco is my fix it man…so I watched as Paco did a few little jobs on Ramona and Barb made a wonderful lunch and then we talked about Atlantic Canada as they did the same trip that I am going to do in a couple of months……had a great visit thanks!!!

A couple of shots on the way home…

may44444444444444444444444 004

may44444444444444444444444 006

Tonight was a quiet night and yes I watched yet another hockey game!!!

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