Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday 25th May 2011…Day 1 mini road trip.

Heather was so kind as to pack me off for the 8.30am ferry with lunch and good wishes and the may25 003ferry ride was uneventful you can see from the photos that it was an overcast day!!

may25 008


may25 010

may25 012

My first stop was in North Vancouver at

may25 014

home of the

may25 022

This was a neat bridge and I couldn’t help but remember the last suspension bridge I was on over the Copper Canyon in Mexico!!

may25 021

The one below is Mexico!!

copper canyon 071

View from the bridge!!

may25 018

My next stop was just outside of Chilliwack at

may25 033

may25 026

These are the 6th highest falls in Canada and it was a short hike to a spectacular view!!!

It was then on to the town of

may25 036

Here I found a sports bar and watched the hockey game to see which team I am going to support in their quest for the cup over the Canucks….it was a good game but because the Lightening won they go back to Boston for the final and deciding game…so hold on!!!

I then found a quiet place to spend the night going to have   tea and watch a movie…not bad for the first day don’t you think??

Map picture

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