Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday 10th May 2011……..not only is it Daniela’s Birthday but also Edie’s!!!!

So Heather had this brilliant idea for Edie’s 50th Birthday celebration I would drive her to work on Bonita!!!!




That was a lot of fun especially seeing some of the little kids at the school where Edie works!!!

Then did some house chores and then off to the pool and gym for my bike riding and laps and home in time to watch a hockey game and take this photo in the driveway!!!

may100000000000000000000000 002

Heather cooked a lovely supper and I think Edie seen here with her family

may100000000000000000000000 004

had a lovely birthday!!

may100000000000000000000000 011

Edie is a big fan of the hockey player Kyle Wellwood who plays for San Jose and his number is 20…so it was nice of him to send a cake to Edie!!!!!!

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