Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday 26th May 2011….Winter wonderland!!!

Had a great sleep even though it rained most of the night and the morning drive was in rain till I got to the Kelowna Connector!!!

Map picture

Here the weather changed to snow, ice and fog these photos were taken on a stretch of road about 10 miles long!!

may26 001

may26 005

may26 006Ice on the windshield..

may26 007I think this is a trailer!!

may26 008

may26 010

may26 012This really was a nasty part of the trip I haven’t driven in conditions like this for years… now I know why I go to Mexico for the Winter!!!!!

After the summit the weather eased and the first view of the lake!

may26 015

The bridge over the lake into Kelowna..

snow 005

Ramona resting after the ordeal I put her through outside Gail and Larry’s Casa!!

snow 006

It is always so nice to come here G & L have been friends of mine for nearly 30 years and we had a lot of catching up to do.  Whilst I helped Larry install some new fixtures in the bathroom..Ok Ok so I just passed him a tool or two…Gail cooked a great meatloaf and all is well!!!!!

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