Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday 12th May…Made a promise not to mention the weather!!

The blog site is having problems hope this comes through!!!!

Had my last physio appointment this morning and went for my first run this afternoon….it worked out not too bad my knee is a little tender tonight but I just have to be smart with the running that I do and use lots of ice and realize that the swelling will probably be with me for a long time.  It has been a long process but now I feel confident that I can work myself back into the good shape I was in a few weeks ago and life is good.

Today I started on the first serious steps of planning for my trip it will be a really fantastic journey starting around 21st June and this morning I made a couple of reservations at camp grounds in Yellowstone Park I should be there before the huge crowds of the July 4th weekend arrive, nearly all of what I am planning to see and do will be for the first time and everyone that I talk to is of the same opinion that the sights and the people on the east coast are awesome.

Watched the hockey game tonight and now the teams are set the Vancouver Canucks will play the San Jose Sharks first game is Sunday night and my friend Croft will soon owe me a loonie…Go SHARKS!!!Thumbs up

Taken this morning on the back deck!!

May1222222222222222 002Those white streaks on the right are rain drops!!

May1222222222222222 003

May1222222222222222 006

Pura Vida!!!!

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