Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tuesday 3rd May 2011…….sunny and a lovely day!!



What a treat to wake up to sunshine and an e mail from my girls!!!!

dec9 001

Hello Les,
It is so good to hearing from you.  We miss you too!
We came back to English today and we had a nice surprise.  In Mexico we celebrate Children´s Day on April 30th. Our English school gave us goodies and we had a great time in class singing and playing. 
Thank you for thinking about us all the time.  We love you,
Paola and Daniela.
Oh, we would love to see the deer!

Made my day…

Quite a lazy morning watched Ben working out on the trampoline

may33333333333333333333333 005

Then went to the physio again for treatment and she has cleared me to go this weekend and ref some games so that is great news I shall just have to be careful what I do and I think a lot of ice is in the future for my knee but at least there is no pain!!

Took this shot down at Departure Bay beach…

may33333333333333333333333 002

Came home and watched part of a live soccer game from Spain and here is my friend’s son Luke again commentating..

may33333333333333333333333 009

may33333333333333333333333 011

may33333333333333333333333 013

I then went and picked up Irene and Heather and we took her out for lunch to celebrate her Birthday!!!

may33333333333333333333333 019

After lunch took Zach to the dentist and went down to Lantzeville for these shots

may33333333333333333333333 020

may33333333333333333333333 022

It sure is a beautiful Island.

Finished off the day by watching the Canucks win a hockey game in overtime…go Nashville!!!!!

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