Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday 23rd May 2011…the big announcement!!!

Had another good sleep and after breakfast went to do my final game of the weekend….I am really happy that after 8 games my knee held up really well and my toe is also healthy again… the little toe divider works well.

Back at the ferry terminal was a wait of one hour this photo was taken from the dock

may2333333333333333 001

may2333333333333333 003


Being as I was only 15 minutes away from Sara’s house in Duncan I went there and cut her grass again this time I raked all the grass cuttings up and the grounds look really nice….lots of dinners I think I  am owed!!!!!

Arrived back at the Bank around 5pm and found Heather and Kirby preparing dinner

may2333333333333333 004

Yes that is a turkey, my absolute favourite meal and we had a lovely dinner and afterwards the boys

may2333333333333333 009

Zach, Ben and Alex presented me with a lovely cake and pressies!!!

may2333333333333333 010

Thank you so much for a wonderful celebration!!!!!



I think that is all



or maybe the news….

From being virtually a babe in arms football or soccer has been my passion and I have been so fortunate to have played at a pretty high level I even played in a game against George Best!!  Also travelled to many places in the USA playing and even continued playing when I arrived here on the island 18 years ago.  In all that time I was lucky to be almost injury free and 9 years ago when I decided to retire I played my last game and felt good about leaving on my terms.  I had already starting refereeing and after playing this was a natural move for me and for the last 12 years I have reffed over 900 games and played a small part in developing the youth movement for refs in my community. Through this pastime I have also travelled to many places in BC and also Washington State and met some great people.

As I get older and thinking about my life style and my future plans I have made the decision to retire from reffing and today was my last game.  I wanted to finish on my terms and I embrace my choice and am really happy with it.  I have cleaned all my gear and I am going to find a younger ref here in town who has some passion for the game and give her or him my great ref bag with all my equipment and uniforms.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me here on the Island from fellow refs to schedulers, to coaches, players and spectators…a ref is a lonely man or woman and the abuse can be heaped and unmerciful but I leave knowing that I was pretty good at it and every game I tried to be honest and fair….thanks for all the memories…I treasure this plaque that was awarded to me 6 years ago

may2333333333333333 007

So the end of an era for me and I embrace the times and look forward to hiking and biking and seeing this beautiful planet…Blessings Les


Kevin and Ruth said...

Glad you have had such a good time playing the game and reffing for others. I am sure you were greatly appreciated. I know that soccer will still be in you.

Kevin and Ruth

Croft said...

Big surprise Les! Now you will have to think of other excuses to travel but I don't think that will be a problem!

mexicokid said...

Thanks for the kind words it was a huge part of my life that i shall miss but this way it was my terms and I have lots to occupy my time with, cheers Les

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