Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday 17th May 2011……………..S U N !!!!!!

I woke up at 8 am and this was the view outside!!!

may17777777777777 001

I had my annual medical this morning and had a great chat with my Doctor who I really like and feel very comfortable with.  He gave me the copy of my X ray results on my knee.

may17777777777777 023

The doctor told me that it was good news that I have no pain and that I can continue with my activities and that in time I would need surgery.

All my tests were excellent and that I was in great shape.  The only issue I have is the blister in between my big and next toe….this is not pretty photo be warned!!

may17777777777777 024

As you can see my toe overlaps and that is causing the problem so I am going to see a Foot Doctor and see what can be done. 

I have in the last 6 months been in more Doctor’s offices, hospitals than I have in the last 40 years so I am hoping it will end soon….glad to say that I feel really good….end of the medical update!!

I went to visit my friends Mary and Jack this afternoon and Mary has suffered with some ill health but glad to report she is slowly feeling better..this is the view from their deck!!

may17777777777777 004

may17777777777777 003

I then met Karen and we went for a walk here

may17777777777777 008

This was a great hike through forests

may17777777777777 009

may17777777777777 011

may17777777777777 012

and then out at this small lake!!

may17777777777777 014

may17777777777777 015

may17777777777777 016

may17777777777777 020

may17777777777777 021

Went back to Karen’s for tea and she surprised with me an early Birthday cake and pressies!!!!!!!!!  Thanks!!!

Tonight life got back to normal and I watched a hockey game!!!!

Thank goodness for the sun today!!!!

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