Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday 29th May 2011…on the road again!!

Had a great sleep and actually woke up to sun!!!!!

Larry was kind enough to finish off caulking my shower and I now know it is done properly and a completely professional job.

Gail cooked another great breakfast and by 11.30am I was on the road…thanks Gail and Larry for all your kindness to me it is like coming home when I see you and you always make me feel so welcome!!!!

I wanted to visit another provincial Park and a waterfall so I drove the 40 km to

may29 024 

There were 400 steps up the waterfall side

may29 007

The views of the raging falls were very impressive!!

may29 008

may29 011

may29 012

Check out the rainbow!!!

may29 014

I really enjoyed this little hike and to feel and see and hear the pounding water was spectacular!!!

may29 020Free weeks subscription to the blog first one to spot Ramona!!

Need some help?

may29 021

This was on the entry road to the Park

may29 004

I was soon back on the Connector the road that I took four days ago and was covered with snow this is how it looked today!

may29 025

Not so the Coquihalla Pass I went from sun to snow

may29 030

hail and thundershowers with the occasional lightening strike!!!!

It was good to get off the mountain pass and back to dry roads and decent weather.

Over the Winter one of the blogs I follow is Wondering Willey


I have never met the writer, Bill, but knew he lived close to where I was passing by and I had e mailed him yesterday to see if he was up for a visit and he was and I stopped by to visit with him late afternoon.

083-1This photo is taken from Bill’s Blog!!

Bill is a neat guy who has been RVing Mexico for years but a few years ago his wife got really sick and she is today in a care facility and not in a good way….. but Bill’s family encouraged him to continue wintering down south and he still does.

Even though he is a Canucks fan we had a great visit and it was good to put a face to a fellow blogger!!

I then continued on towards Vancouver and stopped here at the Visitors Centre in Mission for the evening.

may29 032

Just had a bite to eat and now going to watch a movie…..I had a lovely day yet again!!


Croft said...

We parked beside Bill for several days near Mission, Texas this winter. Yes, a great guy! Perhaps we will all be back in Mexico this year!

mexicokid said...

Would be neat but don't think Bill is leaving the USA...Bring on the Canucks my starved Bruins are ready!!

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