Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday 16th May 2011…Can you believe it?????

I went a whole day without watching one single soccer game or one single hockey game…..what is happening to my life???

Today was dentist day so this morning I drove to Duncan to see Doctor Tom….

Map picture

I was there about 2 hours and he did some work on my lower teeth and took a few X rays and impressions and in two weeks I go back for my final appointment when I get all the crowns put into the implants…..

This following photo may not be suitable for all readers!!!!!!

may1666666666666666666 003

See my five lower implants??

Could not help thinking as I was in the chair having the work done about the last time I was in a dentist office… was when I took Paola to the dentist in SMA and she had her tooth pulled…the such incredible differences between the office there and the one I was in this morning like night and day and of course the huge difference in fees!!!

As it was not raining I took the chance and went to Sara’s house and mowed the lawn for her…it was wet and the lawn mower kept cutting out but it looked much better…..

After supper went for another long walk and it is still cold out but hopefully sunny days are around the corner!!


living.boondockingmexico said...

Good thing you have bone in your jaw. I have bone degeneration on one side of my jaw. They couldn't do an implant.

Keep going, you're almost through.

mexicokid said...

Cheers Chris one more session...Les

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