Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday 8th May 2011……a good Mother’s Day!!

Hope all you Mum’s had a wonderful time today with plenty of treats and happy memories.

I really had an easy day went to watch one of Alex’s baseball game this morning here he is about to hit!!

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I then went to the gym and rode the bike and then went and swam some laps and the knee is doing great I think tomorrow I shall try my first run and see how it feels.

I promised Heather and the boys I would cook supper for them tonight and happy to say it turned out great the only reason I am saying that is because all their plates were empty so it had to be a good sign!!!!

So another weeks starts tomorrow and I am doing some planning for the big journey  in June…..after  the soccer tournament in Yakima my first stop will be another bucket list strike…Yellowstone Park!!!!

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