Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday 20th May 2011……….will it be the last day!!

Some people are of the opinion the world will end tomorrow………..not me.

Well I think I have finally seen the last of the medical profession…I went for my annual tests today, blood, urine and an ECG and after that I had an appointment with a Podiatrist and he was very good he cut away the two corns that I had between my big and next toe and fitted me with a small device made of a putty like substance but solid that fits in between these two toes keeping them separated and I wear that for hiking or reffing so will test it this weekend.  Then I have the last of my dental appointments on the 31st May and then DONE!!!!  I feel really good!!!

I just  like Costco…the new camera that I bought in Oregon last month is not doing the trick for me and I just did not care for it and very unlike me I could not find the receipt but I went to the returns desk at Costco this morning they looked me up on the computer which showed the time and date when I  bought the camera and they gave me an in store credit for the full amount.  What great customer service!!

So I went straight to the camera section and bought another Canon  camera I do like that brand and it is very similar to my old one..the new one is 5 times zoom and 14.1 mega pixels these are a few shots with the new camera..

may200000000000000000000 253

may200000000000000000000 255

may200000000000000000000 257

I like the camera already.

I leave in the morning for Salt Spring Island

Map picture

where I am reffing soccer games I come back Monday evening and hope during the weekend I can get Internet to be able to blog.

It is a long weekend here in Canada and I wish you all a safe and happy weekend!!!




My Sharks beat the Canucks tonight!!!!!!


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Kevin and Ruth said...

Yep, that is great customer service you had from Costco!

Friday 18th August 2017...The question answered!!!!

Guess who won??? Ten minutes ago!!!!  One minute ago!!!! Yashi Kochi!!!!