Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday 19th May 2011…you know it is a good day when..

you meet a special friend for lunch

may199999999999999999 001My friend June…

and not only does June treat me to lunch for my birthday but she hands me a card with a lovely donation for my girls and tops it off by giving me this!!!!

may199999999999999999 003

My totally favourite loaf that I thought you could only buy in England!!!

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity..

Went to the pool this afternoon and rode the bike and unfortunately the pool was closed so just messed around in the wading pool.

Later on a house guest came over his name his Robson and he is staying 3 weeks…….ladies I think you will like him…




may199999999999999999 002

Took him for a walk and he is a good dog!!

Tonight was poker and the winning streak came to an end…lost 18 dollars!!!!

may199999999999999999 006

Had to happen sooner or later!!!!!

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Croft said...

Happy Birthday Les! I know there will be many more of them. You do not have time to get old!

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