Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday 18th May 2011… trip!!

I took Ramona up Island today to Campbell River

Map picture

and visited with my friends Norma and Croft who I last saw in April in Nevada….they are lovely and Croft is a handy man and he offered to install a thingie on Ramona!!!!!  Was that too technical for you??  It is a device that will keep a trickle charge on my battery when the engine is not started for a while, so a handy thing to have and Croft spent quite a while hooking this red wire to that yellow wire and stuff like that.

may18888888888888 003


He also did a couple of other little jobs for me and I rewarded him and Norma to great fish and chips on the dock!!!

may18888888888888 010

may18888888888888 011

This big rock is at the bottom of their driveway

may18888888888888 006

Native legend states that there were no grizzlie bears on the Island and when this bear swam over from the other Island as soon as it landed it turned into this huge rock!!

We then went back to the house and watched the hockey game…Croft being a Canucks fan and me the Sharks fan….well I got to cheer first when the Sharks scored but my moment of glory was really a moment as the Canucks thoroughly outplayed and out scored the Sharks for a convincing win…..Croft was much more gracious than I would have been….so I had to drive back to Nanaimo with a heavy heart…….I had a good day and thanks Norma for your hospitality and Croft for the work!!!

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