Saturday, May 07, 2011

Saturday 7th May 2011…….yes it is still raining!!

Saturday morning so I had to start my day in bed with tea watching a live soccer game from England!!!

Later in the morning I drove Zach out to Qualicum Beach for another golf tournament for him.

Map picture

On the way back I  stopped in down town where they had the streets blocked off and lots of people around celebrating a chilli cook off and ice sculptor competition….no photos because my battery died in the camera!!!

Did some walking this afternoon and just finished watching my Nashville team beat  the Canucks in the play offs….told you so Croft!!!!!

These two photos taken from the devk of the house … come I am not on that cruise ship???

may777777777777777777 002

may777777777777777777 001

Hope you all had a good Saturday!!!!

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