Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday 22nd May 2011…It is not fair it is my Birthday and I have to eat a big slice of humble pie!!!!!

Had a good sleep and woke up to a sunny morning and I saw when I did a check of Ramona that some punk thug had broken off my radio antennae in the night……why people stoop so low is beyond me fortunately I don’t use the regular radio just satellite radio and that antennae is on the roof and it plays OK!!!!

My first game this morning was at 9am and another right after that at 10.15am but I finished them in time to walk to the pub

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and watch game 4 of the Canucks and Sharks at 12 noon……….

The game was a penalty filled affair in which the Canucks came out on top, congratulations!!!!  My Sharks will come back on Tuesday!!

I was there for 3 hours and absolutely astounded at the amount of liquor that was consumed it was shocking!!

A couple of sights on the walk back..

may222222222222 004


may222222222222 001

My next game was at 3.50pm then I had a break and the final game at 6.15pm…so 4 games and happy to report all body parts are functioning quite well.

Had supper and a shower and now getting ready to watch a movie……

Thanks to everyone for the e mails of best Birthday wishes and no doubt the cheques will be in the mail….

Just in case you are wondering    63 years young today!!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s announcement!!!


Croft said...

Happy Birthday Les!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Canucks!Eventually you will be cheering for them.

mexicokid said...

my heart is in Boston...Or Tampa Bay!!! Thanks for the good wishes cheers Les

Kevin and Ruth said...

Happy Belated Birthday Les! Sounds like you had a busy one and a not so good hockey game. Better luck with the next game.

Kevin and Ruth

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