Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday 21st May 2011……….footy day!!!!

Left in the rain at 9am this morning and down to the ferry terminal at Crofton

may2111111111111111111 004

The ferry came in about 10.30am

may2111111111111111111 006

The harbour at Crofton looks like a dreary west coast November day!!

may2111111111111111111 005

I soon boarded

may2111111111111111111 007

may2111111111111111111 009

It is about a 20 minute crossing and I then found the field where my games were

may2111111111111111111 010

and this is how I   spent the afternoon!!!

may2111111111111111111 013

I did three games in a row all men's games and all 30 minute halves….these were my first games in 7 months and I did not feel rusty and afterwards I was very happy  to report that both my knee and toe felt really good….the new little toe divider did it’s job and I iced my knee after I showered and it is now 8pm and I have had supper and feel really good.

It is a nice feeling to be with Ramona again and I am going to drive into town in a while and see if I can find Internet I could last year outside the Fire Hall….then off to the school parking lot to spend the evening watching a movie and then a good sleep…. my first game tomorrow is at 9am!!

I am very impressed with my new camera…the rain stayed off and life as always is great!!!

Thanks Heather for the treats you gave me the strawberry cake is delicious and I have not opened my little gifts yet!!!!

Stay tuned for Monday’s blog I have a pretty important announcement to make!!!!!!


Elaine said...

Do we really have to wait till Monday?
Enjoy our old stomping grounds, we lived on Salt Spring for 20 years.

Elaine in Saltair

mexicokid said...

I am afraid you do...yes I like this Island..cheers Les

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