Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday 30th November 2016...kinda takes some beating!!!!!

I walked down to the main Jardin around 11.00 am and sat on the bench looking at these scenes

and thought to myself who would have thought a kid from the big steel city of Sheffield, England would finish up here on this bench and just how lucky, blessed and fortunate I am to be on this bench!!!!

Just over three hours of poker this afternoon and I must have had my best poker face on because I won 145 pesos!!!

Just had time to come home, eat and get cleaned up for my special English class tonight....
I told my students that I would be inviting 9 friends to class and I did and after introductions I paired them off one on one with my friends and just told them to talk and tell each other about themselves!!!
Then everyone took a turn coming to the front and telling of their new friend...and of course we finished up with chocolates!!
I knew they were nervous about this but after about 8 seconds they were all so wonderfully engaged it brought tears to my eyes!!!

Just a fabulous class thank you students and special thanks to my friends!!!

Walking back through the main Jardin there was a great concert taking place!!

A special day to end November blessings to all....

Yashi Kochi!!

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