Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday 19th November may as well get used to it!!!!!!

Get used to what????

That Saturday is sports day!!!!

So to begin I had breakfast whilst watching live soccer from England which was followed by live tennis from London and then 8.45 am it was time to go play two hours of tennis...quite overcast and a little cool but another great morning of tennis.....

I then went to pick up Little, Bluey from the parking garage and on the way home saw this lady at the side of the street selling roses.....12 roses for 50 pesos!!!!

When I got home there was another soccer game from England and i saw the last 40 minutes...

Now it was time to get cleaned up...not bad for an old guy eh???

and it was off to my friend's Deb house party..she lives about 8 miles out in the country and saw these guys on the road to her casa..
It is a beautiful casa...
the view from the rear..
Good music
this is a tradition at parties..the donkey has small glasses and Tequila on it's back!!!

It was pot luck and I brought this cake....the Mexican flag, a house because Deb has just bought a new home and she has being going through a little difficult times and the quotation on the cake is.."a new beginning"
That is Deb on the right!!!
After a lovely selection of food to eat the dancers performed..they are just some local kids from the Campo that form a dance team to keep themselves out of trouble.....they were great!!!

Amazing colors!!!

and finally the Mexican hat dance!!!
Despite the cool weather the party was just quite lovely!!!!

I was home by 6.00 pm and cooked myself a nice chicken dinner with fresh veggies and a salad and now ending the day watching a live hockey game from Vancouver!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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