Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday 29th November 2016....First order of the day

is to wish my one and only Aunt Rita a wonderful, happy and safe birthday!!!!!

It was lovely seeing you and Uncle Bram in October and you both look like Royalty!!!!

Love and blessings....

I am not going to tell you how young they are but they are amazing!!!

Tennis at 9.00 am the sun shone the whole two hours and another great mixed doubles games with two more very talented women, Barb and Jenny!!!

I came home had time for a light lunch and then off to my private workout session with Joe and another good 30 minute workout. from there I came home and decided to walk around my neighborhood.....all these shots are taken 300 yards of my casita...I love the fact I am in a Mexican hood!!!!

Tree in the middle of the road no problem just drive around it!!
 Does not look like much from the outside but this little store sells the most amazing strawberry cheesecake and YES today I did by myself a slice for my tea tonight!!!
 I was looking for a laundry as my Spanish teacher Bonnie is going to take me here on Thursday to practice more Spanish..will tell you why then!!

 70 pesos for a chicken!!!

 I passed by here and there was some sort of spiritual healing going on....
 My opinion the shot of the day...check out their faces!!!
 Christmas stuff!!!

Stopped by the fruit and veggie stall and bought these for 40 pesos!!

 This is looking up my street...
All those different stores so close by!!!

Relaxed out on the patio finished off my book and did myself a treat and ordered a pizza for supper

 and tonight just a quiet night doing some Spanish homework and some TV...life is good in San Miguel!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Life in San Miguel is good indeed. I so miss it.

mexicokid said...

it gets into your soul i know cheers come back.....les

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