Saturday, November 05, 2016

Saturday 5th November 2016...feels really good to be back in Mexico!!!

Before I get into today want to tell you that I have heard by e mail from the owner of the airbnb place from yesterday and he wrote to tell me that he is so sorry he left an elderly woman in charge and obviously she is not doing the job..he is going to pull his listing off till he returns and he wants to send me a cheque to cover the cost I paid for his place but he also wants to pay for my hotel room as well..a generous was no biggie to me I found a place that was fine and I know things happen!!!

Had a good sleep and was here by 6.45 am this morning...

Sorry the Internet is very slow and my few photos are taking for ever so i will talk you through them...

Took a photo of the Mexican Border crossing which I passed through with no stops no search just a smile and a wave from the female guard..

The sun was shining and life was good being back in Mexico..the drive through the mountains was exhilarating until I came to the ROADWORKS!!!!

A photo shows me stuck in a huge long line of trucks and cars waited over 45 minutes and then it was slow going on gravel road whilst they do construction.......but eventually onto the open road and the mountains!!!

A long drive but stopped often had lots to drink and some snacks after about 500 km reached the huge city of Chihuahua..I had to drive through a little before turning off onto the by pass but again no problem.......

Three things started to happen at once...firstly I needed gas...I have a count down meter an it was at 10 km but I had it judged to get me to the town I needed to be and it did..just!!

Second it was just starting to get to dusk and I make it a rule if it is possible not to drive in the dark..and I just made it.

Lastly I really needed to go to the quickly checked into my Hotel!!!!  I know too much information!!!

I am in Jimenez at the hotel I always stay it is very lovely beautiful gardens and a pool and the rooms are spacious clean and comfortable, a gated parking area with a guard and I drive right up to my room!!!

It was 750 km but was a long day with the hold ups but a real long hot shower and a walk around the grounds did me well!!!  Plus with the time difference I also "lost" an hour.

This is from my desk top and not a photo so quickly uploaded!!
Today's drive!!
Inga sent this to is a photo of a Grandmother too embarrassed to walk down the halls of the hospital so her Grand son donned the gown to make her feel not so bad..that is true love!!!

It is 10.30 pm and I am ready for my book and bed!!!

Tomorrow I hope to start at sunrise and a really long drive but worth it to hopefully pull into San Miguel before dark!!!!!

Ysshi Kochi!!!


Rick said...

Les, don't apologize for giving us too much information. We love hearing about everything.

mexicokid said...

ok thanks les

Write up for photos in below post

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