Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday 26th November 2016... a true Pearson day!!

In the new Oxford dictionary a Pearson day is described as........a day when he rests from the busy schedule he has made and loves...a day when there are no appointments, no meetings, no classes... a day to bum around and see no one!!!!!!

AND SO I DID!!!!!!

Ever wonder where your  Poinsettias come from????   Now you now ..the trees around San Miguel!!!
I wanted to go and see if I could find Daniela and I knew the school she used to attend so on my drive there this afternoon passed simple casa!!!!

Can you believe someone built and lives in that?????
On the way to the school saw these kids herding!!
This looks like it should be in Russia!!!
I did get to the school only to be told they had closed early to take the kids to a special event, this I learned with my basic Spanish but I was told that i am welcome to come next week and Daniela still I will try again next week...

I then went out of town by the man made (lake) Pressa
and turned off at this football field, a bit lacking in grass....
I parked by this football field that was being used for a totally different pastime!!
and started a hike into the of my Sunday morning hikers told me about this hike!!!
It was a flat hike and quite lovely walking up stream into the canyon and not a soul in sight!!!

This man had some kind of uniform on not sure what it was....
When finally I am not scared of these critters anymore!!!
To follow the track I had to cross the river at least a dozen times...
I know it is only a tiny waterfall but I stopped here for a little lunch and the sound of the water was soothing and again I thought about how lucky and blessed I am>>>

I like this shot because it reminded me of the last water hole I saw in South Africa.....think ELEPHANT!!!!
I like this shot too....
I reckon I was hiking for nearly three hours and I enjoyed it all...

Got home around 5.00 pm and just cooked alight supper and then a really long hot shower and settled down and watched a couple of shows on TV!!!!

Hope your day was awesome!!!

Yashi Kochi!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Whenever we are back in San Miguel I would like to join you on some of these hikes. The sights are great.

mexicokid said...

it is a haven for wonderful hikes easy and difficult..yes always welcome cheers L

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