Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday 10th November 2016....She'sssssssssss back!!!!

Now this I do not like...the rain overnight has flooded the tennis courts so my 9.00 am game was cancelled!!!

I took my time over breakfast and then walked into town to do a host of various chores.....

Let me tell you about the San Miguel Civil is a web forum open to anyone where you can ask questions post jobs anything within reason regarding the most public forums it can get abused and some topics take some calm reading but I do like it and use it often and my first chore this morning was because of the fourm.

I wanted to get 10 Poppies for Remembrance Day celebrations for my students tonight and a man contacted me and told me he had some I could have so my first chore was to meet him at the library..we had a nice chat and I came away with 10 Poppies...

Next on the list was a hair cut!!
 A great haircut for 50 pesos everywhere i go I try to speak a little Spanish and try to learn as much as I can BUT I only know a few words but trying!!
Walking in the rain through town...
 A different view of the main church!!
So proud of myself because I walked past these blue doors without going...why you may ask??  The answer is because it is my favorite bakery!!!!  I am being so good sticking to my plan of no junk food or muffins or pastries or bread!!!
 Atypical lovely colorful street!!
 So by now are you wondering what the header means??

Who is back??

When I left San Miguel 18 months ago I was not sure what my plans were so I sold my scooter Little Blackie to good friends..when I knew I was coming back I contacted him and things worked out that they loved the scooter but at 110 cc it was not powerful enough for them and they wanted to sell and of course I wanted to buy and I did and this morning I picked up Little Blackie!!!
Slyvester is the husband of my maid from my last casita and he is my go to man...he can fix anything or knows someone who can, he is honest, speaks great English and I just like I contacted him and asked him to meet me at the house where the scooter was because I thought I would need his help getting the scooter out of storage and because she has not been used since May I did not think it would start......well I was so wrong the above shot shows Sylvester trying to start it with the choke and patience and would you know it after about a couple of minutes she fired up!!!

All I had to do was put some air in  the tires and away I went brings joy to me to have her back she has been a great machine for me!!!

The other good news is that around the corner from my casita Gregg stores his car in a gated covered parking lot and he has kindly let me keep Little Blackie there I not do lucky and blessed????

Now it was off to another appointment I got from the Civil list..a meeting with Joe who is 74 years old and a fitness and life coach.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago I have put on about 12 belly pounds and not happy at all and want to do something about it and Joe is going to help me....

You know when you first meet someone and you know that person is honest and kind and smart...these were my feelings about Joe..he asked me lots of questions about my health, background, goals and the he gave me a short demo of this wonderful machine he uses for some of his training..

Global Leader In Whole Body Vibration Technology

Bringing more than 15 years experience in whole body vibration training, Power Plate accelerates scientifically-established health and fitness benefits to deliver faster and longer lasting results.
Engineered to activate the body's natural reflexive response to vibration, Power Plate's vibrating platform moves 25 to 50 times per second to engage muscles in a consistent, and controlled manner. (The vibrations move in three directions: up/down, forwards/backwards, and side-to-side.) As a result, Power Plate is able to accelerate training with high performance results, enabling anyone seeking greater fitness levels to achieve their maximum physical potential faster and more efficiently.

Long story short I have signed up with him for 5 private classes and start on Tuesday afternoon...I am not expecting miracle results but I now this will be very beneficial and couple that with my walking, tennis and hiking and yoga when I find a class...I expect by Christmas to be in really good shape!!

Came home for a few minutes and Gregg and Karen have given me two lovely flower pots with lavender plants which I love...they are on my patio over the weekend I shall buy a couple more small plants and then show photos.

I told you I was having a busy day my next stop was a local cafe where I was meeting Bonnie who had contacted me in reply to the post I put on the Civil list asking someone to help me figure out my cell phone..she is a young vibrant and smart American lady and she showed me how to use the functions on my phone...then we got talking and turns out she is also a Spanish teacher so I have her coming to Casita Doris on Monday morning for a lesson to see if we are a may be that I really need a native speaking person will see!!!

Back home to get cleaned up and walked up to the school for my class..I do not normally teach on Thursday nights but I was helping out my fellow teachers as they had a prior engagement.

This was a great class...7 students and I had then come to the front and talk and what a difference in just 3 lessons I see more confidence....Then I handed them a printed sheet I had made all about the significance of the poppy and about Remembrance day..they took turns reading and I explained the meanings I could tell they were engaged and then I surprised them with a Poppy each......I told them that I would like them to wear the Poppy tomorrow and at 11 am stop and be quiet for two minutes and to think of wars, family, friends and to give thanks and then I told them that I hoped someone would ask them what they were doing and then they could explain!!!
I really wanted to take a photo of them with their poppies but I forgot.
Finally for the last 5 minutes we just played a game where they guessed what I was a color an animal a country and if they guessed correctly I had a chocolate for was fun they loved it or maybe just the chocolates they received....what a wonderful rewarding class I loved it!!!

What a day..I hope the sunshine returns tomorrow as i want to do my favorite hike!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

It's so nice to see familiar places. That very gentleman gave me a hiarcut last year. And the blue door bakery is one of our favourites as well.

mexicokid said...

good memories for you I am glad L

Carol said...

So great you are back in SMA.... makes me miss it!! But not the weather... 88 and sunny here today!! Unusually hot, due to Santa Ana winds blowing in from the east. But just wanted to say WOW!!! You have that vibration thingie in SMA??? That is so cool. My revered health guru Dr. Mercola highly recommends that machine....

And I LOVE that you have a 74 yo fitness coach!!! My goodness! So inspiring... let us know how you like the machine. Fantastic. Hugs, C

mexicokid said...

I have just e mailed you L

Saturday 19th May 2018...Day 44!!!!

My first night at home was a good one and the sunshine is continuing to follow me with breakfast outside in the lovely secluded back garden....