Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday 23 rd November work out today just of the mind!!!!

Wednesday is my rest day from hiking and tennis and I had a nice easy time this morning over breakfast on my patio in the sunshine and it was soon 11 am and Bonnie was knocking at my door and we sat outside for my Spanish lesson...I do like the one on one and she is a very good teacher and today I was learning the names of all the things in my casita...she makes me try to explain myself in Spanish..I enjoyed the lesson...and by the way some of you were asking ..she charges me 100 pesos a lesson!!!
Next it was to the market as this morning I stepped on my sunglasses!!!
Saw this stall and bought a good pair for 30 pesos....I also bought a clear pair to wear when I ride at night..another 30 pesos!!

 I think this is my very first selfie.....with my new glasses!!!
 As I go through town I want to show you different views from the streets so you get a sense of what the town is like....

1.00 pm saw me at poker...I so enjoy the friendship, the fun of these guys and my winning ways continue..I will not tell you exactly how much I won but let me say my winnings bought two thirds of my new sunglasses!!!!

I just had time to get home cook my light dinner and then go to my English class...

I had a surprise one of my students Laura took me up on my offer of any time bringing their children to class.....her is Laura's daughter, Natalia who turned 9 years old two days ago...she takes English in school and she was happy to participate in class.

As it was Wednesday their homework of Paying it forward was the subject...each of them came to the front of the class and told what they did for someone else and we talked about how these small acts make a difference in someones life but also how good you feel when you do something for someone else!!!!
 Georgina the lady on the right baked this cake for Natalia's Birthday and Laura her Mother is on her right!!
 We sang Happy Birthday to her in the Mexican way and then in the traditional way for us North Americans and she loved it and then we all had a lovely piece of banana cake!!!
Every class I tell them how proud I am of them and there dedication and skill at learning the language!!!!

Another lovely day!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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