Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Tuesday 8th November 2016......Happy Birthday BRO!!!!

Janet and Malc are currently in New Zealand they just finished their golden wedding celebration cruise from Sydney to Auckland on the same ship I was on last year and I had an e mail from him today saying how much they had enjoyed the luxurious life at sea...they have been gone almost three weeks so will have to come home soon as Malc will be running out of clean socks and underwear!!!
Have a great day and hugs to Janet and a safe flight home!!!

Had a really good sleep and I have been keeping a secret......for the last few months I have been disgusted with the way I look I have put on about 12 pounds all around my belly..I just do not enjoy looking at myself, so I don"t.....anyway yesterday was the start of a new eating plan for a few weeks which involves no bread, potatoes or desserts or cookies...I also drink lots of water and have an apple and  a banana each day..I don't expect miraculous results but I do want to trim down.

One of the local sayings is "You do not know what is behind any door in San Miguel"
So what do you think?

Did you guess three tennis courts and a small RV park????

In years past Romana and I have spent many months parked in this exact spot!!!

Back on the tennis courts this morning at 9.00 am..it was lovely to see some of my old tennis buddies and we had a great doubles game lots of fun and the occasional good shot but I will be the first to admit that my game this morning was not up to par!!!

I came home and my lovely maid Margaret was cleaning my casita and doing my laundry

...part of my deal with Karen and Gregg is for me to hire Margarita to come for a couple of hours two days a week the rest of the time she works downstairs for them.....I like to keep my place clean and I am happy for her to come and she has done a great job!!!

I waited around for the cable guy to come..I bought a new 42 inch TV with me from Canada and there is a local guy who has the rights for the Canadian cable, it is the same cable that is in Nanaimo.
The young Mexican worked on time and in 45 minutes had climbed on the roof installed all the cables and the dish and receiver and I was set up..really great work and in my opinion cheap...they charged my 70 Canadian dollars for the set up and installation and then my monthly fee is also 70 dollars..I am a happy camper I see sports on the 42 inch screen in my future!!!

My friend Susan has kindly offered to let me store Little Bluey at her home in the country about three miles out of town and tonight I drove out there and now she is happy to rest under cover...I really do not use my car very much and I hope by the end of the week to have my scooter on the road..so till then I shall enjoy walking.

Susan had another friend staying and we all sat and watched, in disbelief the election before Susan drove me home...

It is almost midnight and it looks like a trump victory!!!!  No Comment!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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