Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday 28th November 2016...Sometimes I don't know where the day goes!!!

So after a hectic week and a long hike yesterday today was a little easier day for me...I was able to relax over my breakfast and then at 10.00 am Bonnie came to the casita for my Spanish lesson..this hour goes by quite fast she has me trying to tell about my weekend and although I am primarily working in the present tense I am able to get through although my vocabulary is lacking.....she is a great teacher and I feel each week I get more knowledge.....I then went into town for some chores and then went to visit my friends Glenna and Rod, these are the folks I sold Little Blackie to when I left 18 months ago and as you know I have bought her back so today I needed to go and pay and have a visit and a catch up...always nice that I have so many friends in town!!

I was home in time to cook a dinner for tonight....I made pork chops in a mushroom sauce with a sweet potato and carrots and green beans......

It was by now almost time to go to the tennis courts for another two hours of wonderful games on Monday and Tuesday mornings are mixed doubles and the other days men's doubles...there are some very talented women players in town and Debra and Carolyn who played today fit into that category....always fun on the courts....

I just got home in time to get cleaned up and then head up town for my English class...only 4 students tonight but for their homework I had them being the teacher for 7 minutes.....they did really well and obviously put a lot of thought into their work....they are wonderful students and women!!

Came home and I enjoyed my dinner, then a long hot shower and now after this just going to sit with some juice and read my book!!!

Sorry this was not a get you out of your seat blog!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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