Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday 27th November to the hills!!!

OK hands up those of you who started your day at 7.30 am out on your patio with yogurt and peaches and seeing this????
At one point they came so close I was having a conversation with them!!!!!
I am saying look at that!!!
I then went to the meeting place for our usual Sunday morning hike...9 of us today and we drove about 20 minutes to the small Campo where I parked Little Bluey outside these gates
and we are heading into those hills!!!
Always plenty of animals in the surrounding tracks...
Part of the grouop or otherwise known as Pierre and his Harem!!!!
Looking back down on a water hole and the cattle...
and then looking back where we had come from as you can tell a lot of up hill!!!!
I like this shot below...
We at some point missed a turn and finished up on the wrong side of the canyon but no worries....we stopped here for lunch and although we do like to go to 9000 we only managed one complaining!!!
Sometimes coming down in my opinion is harder than going was lovely and sunny all day!!!
A bit blurry but a rushed shot of a family with baby....

I like this shot too...
Hope no one objects to a cool one on the steps of the church!!!
We were gone over 6 hours and hiked around 7 hard miles!!!!!

Came home and rested watching the Grey Cup from Canada and a pre recorded soccer game from England...and I will admit to being a tad tired tonight!!!

I do like this!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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