Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday 12th November 2016.........would someone call the weather man for me!!!!

Another yes another rainy night and although it was not raining this morning still cloudy and a bit cool BUT good weather starting Tuesday......

I just enjoyed myself this morning puttering around and then around 11 am I decided to leave Little Blackie at home and walked first to the Organic Market it has moved since I left but only two blocks usual routine was after Saturday morning tennis I would come here to the bakery stall and stock up on bread, muffins, empanada' I bought organic lettuce and carrots .....who is this new man!!
I must admit I have been tempted to have some dessert of chips and ice tea but have resisted!!!

Then I walked into the central part of town and here a few sights on the way!!

This is the local central market..
This is where I buy my fruits and veggies...
Always have such beautiful flowers...

This street goes down towards where I live...
Then came home in time for the delivery of my new is great lots of room thanks so much Karen and Gregg!!!

I told you a few days ago I had left Little Bluey(my car) out of town  at a friends house but I have given that second thoughts and Susan's house is about 5 miles out and the road is quite rough plus I would have had to connect with her about opening her big gate so I just felt it better to have her closer to town and my go to man Sylvester found me a covered garage close to where I used to live it is great for me and I have my own key and can come and go as I need and only 450 pesos per month...I don't think I will use the car very often as I do notice a large increase in the traffic on these cobbled roads!!

I finally got home around 5.00 pm and cooked my first dinner and it was really nice with a meal for another day in the new fridge.

Now a Canadian tradition sitting down watching Hockey Night in Canada...two games!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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