Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday 13th November 2016.......back to the hiking!!!

When I was living here before my trip every Sunday morning I would go hiking with my buddy Pierre we would do a long hike 6 hours and always go over 9000 feet sounds a lot and it is but remember San Miguel sits at 6400 feet.....there is another group that meets every Sunday morning and they do a less strenuous hike and as Pierre is out of town today I joined their group and 13 of us drove in convey about 7 miles out of town and parked at a small Campo(village) and started the hike!!!

Come along and enjoy!!!

 A really neat suspension bridge!!!

 Although we were on a small track it seems there is always someone around selling something I believe this guy had lard in those plastic dishes...
 Obviously the fields around here are good for growing squash...
 In my opinion the shot of the day!!!!!
 This is where they thrive..
 We then came across another bridge the rails look to me to be too far apart for a railway!!
 Quite a beautiful setting!!!
 and a lovely old church where we stopped for some refreshments...

 On the opposite side was a small crypt..
 and well maintained inside...

 another lovely church..
 I like this shot too!!!
 I think this horse was a little lame..
 Where we had parked our car this man had a car boot sale.....I wanted to get a pot for some flowers for my patio and saw he had one....I asked how much and I thought he said 50 pesos which is what I gave him and I thanked him and started to walk away...he stopped me and showed me the pot had a very small crack about 3 inches long and told me the price was not 50 pesos but 15 one dollar and he proceeded to give me change which I thanked him for and gave back to him!!!  Do not come to Mexico it is a dangerous place and they steal and kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Back home the pot next to one of the pots that Karen and Gregg gave me...
 Not bad bargain!!!
they have a lovely small theater just away from the central blocks and I went there this afternoon for a matinee show of Driving Miss was wonderfully performed and an enjoyable afternoon.....home by 5.00 pm and now an evening of hockey!!

Hard to believe I have only been in town for one much accomplished and love my Casita Doris and my lifestyle and all my special and wonderful friends!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


sylvia said...

Sounds like a great day and proof there are good peeps out there! la buena vida!

mexicokid said...

thank you and yes there are....many cheers les

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