Thursday, November 03, 2016

Thursday 3rd November last day in Tucson!!

Ella enjoyed her first evening with me..she looks very content!!!
Went to Linda's around 10.00 am and we went to Walmart to do some last minute shopping and then we went  on an errand and along the way took these shots !!

I like this one!!
It was about 3.00 pm when we stopped for a late lunch or early breakfast to a family restaurant we always go to for my favorite chicken fried steak..they have these neat quotations on the walls!!
Then it was back to Linda's lovely condo where we sat on the patio with these views!!!

I wanted to come to Tucson and just spend lots of time with Linda and I have done that we have been wonderful friends for many years and we always just pick up where we last left I said my fond farewells and as I headed home the heavens just opened and it rained so hard...I think the Governor of both California and Arizona should honor me with a rain maker award..I have brought rain to both these drought-ed States!!!

On a serious note I spend many hours, days, months on my own and although I try to be safe there is no accounting for the unexpected so two years ago I purchased an ID Bracelet through a company called Road is the red band you have seen on my wrist... on it was my three closest friends names and their phone numbers and the thinking that if something happened to me on my travels that the people helping me would call one of those names.....
Since then two of the phone numbers have become defunct so I was giving this some thought when I was in Nanaimo and decided to order a new bracelet, this time a black one....

Heather in Nanaimo is my power of attorney and we talked and supposing something  did happen and someone called her how would all my , friends, family and contacts I printed off my e list of contacts and gave it to Heather so it made sense to have her name phone number and e mail address on my new bracelet as seen below...

I have purposely photo shopped out some of her number and e mail for personal reasons....but now I have this I feel more secure in my lone adventures!!!

Tomorrow around noon I drive just over 100 miles to the border town of Douglas where I have an airbnb is just a small room with not much for facilities but the price was right and the location is great for an early morning start across the border into Mexico on Saturday.
I just heard from the owner of the room and he is in Canada right now but left me instructions on how to get in.....I also think I have Internet there.....

Yashi Kochi!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

The bracelet is a great idea. I love the picture taken through the wet window.

mexicokid said...

yes the only way i could think of for contact...and it was raining so hard crazy cheers L

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