Monday, November 07, 2016

Monday 7th November 2016...well it did not take me long to get back into the swing of things!!

First of all want to say a Happy Birthday to my nephew Andy...hope you have a really good celebration!!!
Andy at Janet and Malc's Golden wedding with his sister Sam!!!

I was really tired last night and after dinner I came upstairs did some unpacking and then went to sleep to the sounds that I love here in Mexico church bells, kids laughing and music....had a good sleep and then my breakfast out on the patio!!!!!  How great was that!!!

Spent the morning getting everything put in place and it is nearly all finished and the casita looks lovely...

Photos of my patio taken from K & G"S patio...what is that towards the right hand side??
 Of course
 Thanks Mia in Nanaimo for the sign named after my Mum!!!!
 This view is from my patio looking back at my entrance
 This view is from the other patio love all the colors!!
 With my great zoom camera get the iconic main church!!!
 This afternoon went to the tennis club and this church is about 100 yards away and a huge funeral procession was about to begin!!

Went and did some grocery shopping and got myself a pay as you go cell phone and then went to play tennis.....apart from the regular group that I play with I have also formed my own little group and I have the court every Monday afternoon for 2 hours and 2 hours also on Tuesday this afternoon Carolyn came and we just hit balls for 90 minutes.....then it was straight home to get cleaned up and off to my teaching class.....I teach Monday and Wednesday from 6pm -7.30 pm the same as in previous years.
This is the school..
 and my classroom..

It was lovely to meet my students there are 9 of them but only 5 showed and they are all so willing to learn and tonight I just spent some time introducing myself and explaining how the class would be and what I would like to see from them and then I had each student come to the front of the class, they are always hesitant to do this at first but after a few weeks I know they will get used to it and it instills confidence in themselves, and tell us all about themselves I find this is a good ice breaker.
I did recognize one of the students and when she talked about who she was I realized she is married to one of my tennis friends...I told her I had been to her house with Paola and how lovey she was to her and then she remembered me....
Another one of my students as she was talking I realized she looked very similar to a student I had two years ago and sure enough she is!!! was a great class and it will take them a little while to get used to me but I know how to make it fun and informative for them...I always finish my classes telling each and everyone of them how proud I am of they and pretty soon we will be like family.....I feel so honored being allowed to teach them!!

Came home and had some tea and relaxed and it was a perfect way to start my San Miguel life!!!

Yashi Kochi!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Welcome home Les, we sure enjoyed following you on your incredible journey. Someday we will meet, hopefmully in San Miguel.

mexicokid said...

yes I would like that and thanks for coming along and your comments are always so positive life is good cheers L

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