Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday 19th November day!!!

So if I cannot start my day playing tennis in the sunshine what is the next best thing???

You guessed it watching live tennis from London in the sunshine with a cup of tea and some peaches and yogurt!!!!

Watched a fabulous and engrossing almost three hour game!!!

During a change of ends i took my tea on my patio and was just standing about 4 feet away from my Hummingbird feeders and watching the morning unfold....when a hummingbird came and drank at the was so cool!!!!

Took the next two photos from the roof top of K & G's patio and this fruit tree is right outside my door...

The electrical wires never fail to amaze me!!!
Around 11.00 am I took a ride about 10 km out of town to a gated community where I had tea with my Canadian friend Ann..she is house sitting out there and she showed me around a very lovely setting but too isolated for me..
Ann is a big part of organizing Canadian events in town and it was good to see her again!!!
From there I went straight to poker..I have to chuckle to myself when I used to go to poker before I went away I always took a sandwich and a muffin or some kind of pastry to eat and a cold ice I took cold water and a banana and some carrots!!!!!!
It must have worked as I went back into the winning column not by much in fact very little BUT 20 pesos is 20 pesos!!!

Came home and had a tomato omelette, no bread and then went to my English class...

In the playground a small dance group was going through their numbers ..I stayed and watched for a few those little ones and their moves!!!!

I have 9 students registered but one lady has not been to any classes since the start up in September and today for the first time I had everyone attend.....for me it was a great class as I had them come to the front and tell what they did for Pass it Forward Wednesday......I was so proud of all of them as they told what they did for complete strangers.....this will be a regular Wednesday feature....we finished class on a light note with a quiz and of course as it is Wednesday...chocolates!!!

They look so happy don't they????
Just relaxed tonight with my book and doing some planning for a tennis event i am planning!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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