Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday 17th November 2016...on the go......

I know it is a tad repetitive but what a great way to start the day two hours of really good tennis...

From left to right...Steve a cagey left hander and group organizer...Gregg a hard hitting player who is also my land lord and Nano who is like the Energizer bunny ..just keeps on running!!!
 The birds on top of the church near the courts..
 Came home and relaxed on my patio for an hour..the sun came out and it was lovely!!
 Watching the humming birds!!
 At 1.00 pm I went for my second private fitness session..I do like my coach Joe he is very thorough and puts me through my paces on the Power Plate machine...I do believe after almost two weeks of constant exercise, watching my diet and staying away from bread and desserts I am trimming a little of my belly!!!
Home for an hour and cooked some chicken and some Brussel sprouts and carrots and at 4.00 pm Bonnie came to the casita for my Spanish lesson...I like her she is very patient with me and I am slowly getting back into the swing of it..I have lots of homework which I all I need to do is keep on talking when I am out there on the streets and I do try!!

I had dinner and got cleaned up and then tonight went to St.Paul's church, in their small,  theater they have every two weeks what they call Player Readers..a group of different actresses and actors who read the script of the chosen play......I do like to come here sometimes the plays are better than others and tonight was a little different but interesting and it is the best value for money in town as the entry fee is only 20 pesos...this was the set for the play!!!
Home by 9.30 pm and now going to settle down with some tea and watch a hockey game.....not a bad life!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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