Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Wednesday 2nd November 2016.....a lovely day!!!

I had a great sleep and my camera was charged and here are the shots of my place..looks nice right??

I went to Linda's this morning and together we drove to her Community Church who are having a huge garage sale on Friday and Saturday and spent a little time trying to help sort through the abundant donations they have received!!!

We then drove back to Linda's and this is the view from her patio, pretty impressive!!

and then it was time for R & R!!!!

I swam up and down here quite a bit and so enjoyable!!

I know some of my female readers have been starved of photos of myself so here you go and the usual advisory..

Parental warning partial nudity!!!!

Some might say this is a good head shot of me!!!!

We then went to meet Linda's family for dinner and this is the sunset over the mountains...

and the opposite view quite lovely!!!
These are some of linda's adorable grand children...don't you love their shirts????

What well behaved and beautiful kids!!!
The whole family and me....I really must try to ask someone why my shots are out of focus, any ideas I don't???

Well a new woman in my life..I know what you are saying another one!!!

This one is going to be a long term relationship her name is Ella and I see many great days and nights together!!

For new readers you will have to go back to the middle of June and read about my days in Kruger National park and my life making memory of contact with an elephant to realize why those animals are really special to me!!!!

Home in time to watch the thrilling end of the Baseball World series!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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