Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday 31st May 2015.....a great way to end the month!!!

After a great sleep and a relaxing early part of the morning I packed up some drinks and food and went in search of two waterfall hikes..... The road leading to the first falls was awesome... It was only about a 20 minute drive from the house to the base of the Stuart water fall hike... This is about a 4 mile hike but through different countryside than what I have seen the last I was into Swiss like alpine meadows and the smells of the trees and plants was wonderful.. It was a good work out and my first view of the falls.... Ok no need for any commentary just enjoy the falls as I did for about 45 minutes!!!! I think most of you know that I have a "thing" for waterfalls and over the last 20 odd years have seen many in different countries and this one was a really special one!!!! The next waterfall was only just about ten minutes away... Enjoy with me as I hike to the base... Wow 2 great falls so close to each other.... I came back into town and treated little bluey to a beauty treatment!!! Came home and had some soup for dinner and a great long soak.... BE WARNED THE NEXT SHOT CONTAINS pARTIAL NUDITY NOT SUIABLE FOR ANY ONE WITH A WEAK HEART!!!!!!! you have been warned!!!! Do not say I did not warn you!!!! Had a wonderful stay here have not seen my hostess very much and I leave in the morning...not telling where you will just have to check in tomorrow .....ho pe you had a great Sunday!!!! Yashi Kochi!!!

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