Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday 13th May 2015…a different day!!!

Had an appointment at 9am to have Little Bluey serviced so I drove to the garage at 9am and left the car there and went on a walk about in town….I love to do this for many reasons one is I am always driving through these streets on my scooter and never get to see the small stores and the people so it was nice to walk all over doing several chores and taking in the sights like these children..


Then I went into the market to say good bye to Andrea she is one of my students from last year, she owns a shoe store and I met her Mother


Andrea was excited because she has just got a computer and when I told her about my blog and how to see it now she can see this photo!!!  She was a great student and I wish her and  all my students the very best.

I can never go through the main Jardin without stopping and looking at this


It is such a beautiful church in side and out!!!

Then went past this gated community but this house looks like it should in the Swiss Alps!!!!




Have you ever seen a repair job like this one!!!!

I went back to get the car and she is now ready for another long journey…I do like my car have no problems ever with her and is fun to drive.

This evening more sorting out and had dinner, a bath and now watching another epic hockey game..the final  game seven between Washington and New York with the winner advancing to the next round…so far no power outage…..

Yashi Kochi!!!

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