Saturday, May 09, 2015

Saturday 9th May 2015… know it is going to be a sporty day!!!

First game I watched was a live soccer game from England whilst having the best scrambled eggs ever and then it was off to the tennis courts for two great hours of fun and even the occasional good shot…..I have been playing this mixed doubles for over 5 years and today is the last time we will all we on the courts together  so it was a fitting way to end with a friendly photo…thanks for the great times…


I look like I have a big belly and I don’t!!!

Carolyn looks like she is entering a wet shirt and shorts contest!!!

Diane looks cute as always!!!

AND Loren..well Loren is just Loren a great do anything for you kind of friend!!!!

Went to the farmer’s market and then home for lunch and the second of the live soccer game from England.

This afternoon I got down to some serious sorting and packing and giving away of my stuff and also did some trip planning but more on that next week….

A nice long soak in the tub, dinner and to finish off the evening a hockey game!!!!

have a wonderful weekend!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Rick said...

What a great lifestyle you've had while living in San Miguel. Hard to believe that you are moving away? Sunny days and tennis and sunny days and sunny days. I think you will miss that. Good luck -

mexicokid said...

thanks and I will for sure cheers les

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