Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday 14th May 2015….sunny and warm!!!


It was to play my last regular tennis with this wonderful group..we are about 12  in number and we rotate and play as often as we can it was a great two hours thanks Gals and Guys and no this is not a wanted dead or alive poster  but Eric. Diane(cute as always) and Steve…best wishes to you all!!!


On the subject of tennis my young tennis heroine Ashley continues to burn up the competition winning another one and again in the under 18’s group and she is still 15 years old…she is on the right in the blue!!!Way to go ASH!!!


I did not do that on purpose I have no idea why it happened and I cannot understand how to turn it around…sorry!!!

The afternoon was spent doing last minute things I do not have many possessions to take back but I bought some bubble wrap and have my paintings secured.

Tonight I went around to Cristina’s home she is one of my students this year and wanted me to meet her family and I was so happy to do so…..what a lovely family and a special visit…..


Cristina is in the red….


I just want to share with you all that you will not read these words again..”Sitting with a cuppa watching a hockey game, or a soccer game or a tennis match……”  the cable box has been returned and my TV sold…..what can I say!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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