Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Monday 1st June 2015...rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!!!

left Provo at 6.45am and for the first few hours I was on the Interstate, which I am not fond of, even at that time it was busy but soon after Salt Lake City the traffic was much less

…… and then I was into a new State…

you do not see many of these triple trucks on the road.

My first stop was Twin Falls where I took these shots

About 2 o clock I pulled into the small town of Ketchum in the Sun Valley….. My good friend and tennis buddy from San Miguel, Deb, has a condo in town that she rents out and it just happens that from today until Wednesday the condo is not rented and Deb so very kindly offered for me to stay here and explore the area. The condo is lovely

and the view from the front door of the ski lift and mountain …..I shall really enjoy my few days here….I already cooked a nice dinner, had a long soak in the tub and now watching TV….the one small problem is that for some reason I cannot connect to the Internet so I am using the Internet in the local library…so my posts will be a day late….. It will be good to be in once place for three days and get ready for my last push to Vancouver. It is now Tuesday morning and I am in the library posting this…had a wonderful sleep and it rained most of the night but by 8am this morning the sun was shining and I went out for a walk

..what a change after the dessert heat and the rocks to smell trees and the woods and clear skies….. Off to do a big hike and will not ost again till tomorrow….take care!!! Yashi Kochi!!!

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